EU VAT Compliance

Your VAT obligations don’t end with a successful registration; you will also be required to file periodic declarations in each location. These necessarily include the filing of regular VAT returns, detailing all of the transactions in each period which are liable to be taxed locally.

The requirements and formatting of each declaration will differ depending on the location and business. The VAT you have charged on sales (output VAT) is compared against the VAT you have paid for (input VAT), depending on your liabilities. This can either lead to making payments to the local tax authorities, or to claiming a VAT refund, depending on who is in arrears.

As well as submitting your VAT returns on a regular basis, your business may have other tax obligations. EU movement of goods rules demand that shipments between EU member states are reported to the relevant tax and customs authorities. This will include B2B sales as well as Intrastat, if the thresholds for the relevant countries are breached.

Cross Border VAT Support can provide:

  • Advice on your VAT return requirements
  • Relevant templates for VAT returns
  • Advice on exchange rates, VAT transaction requirements and more
  • Document and data assessment
  • Compilation and submission of reports
  • Negotiation with the local tax office