European VAT Registration

With each country in Europe requiring individual VAT registration above a certain threshold, business owners are expected to understand legislation in dozens of countries.

Each differs in its processes, and many require high level language skills to negotiate. Lacking any of these can cause substantial stumbling blocks, delaying the expansion of your business and frustrating clients.

Cross Border VAT circumvents this process. Our one-stop shop service allows you to register for VAT across Europe with a dedicated account manager, while our network of multilingual VAT experts are able to quickly and effectively secure VAT registrations in any EU territory.

We can:

  • Assess your VAT registration needs
  • Offer advice on registration dates and requirements
  • Lead you through the required documentation
  • Provide local translation services
  • Assess the relevant registration materials
  • Complete and submit the relevant application forms
  • Set up on online submissions portals
  • Manage all correspondence with tax authorities

We can also manage registrations other than securing your VAT number, ensuring you comply with all local requirements. These may include:

  • Fiscal representation
  • Bank guarantees and security deposits
  • EORI registration
  • Import VAT deferments